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Boise, Idaho


Moreland Family News

Mari Beth & Abby have been making regular entries in their blogs at http://www.filledwiththejoyofthelord.blogspot.com/
You are more likely to find current news there.

Morelands 2011 - Redfish Lake. ID
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Read our 2011 Christmas Letter
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We have been helping with campus ministry at the Biblical Studies Center. You can find out more about it at the web site: www.boisebsc.org.

Watch the slideshow from John and Fern Moreland's 50th Anniversary Party (July 1, 2010). Click here to watch. (30 MB Windows Media Player file)

Aunt I's compilation book of stories and recipes from Grandma (Helen) Moreland and all the Moreland family. I scanned the book to a PDF file when Aunt I was here for Dad and Mom's 50th Anniversary. Click here to download the file. (20 MB)

In August 2007 we left Montgomery, AL and headed to our new home, Boise, ID. Read the details. Updated February 2010.